Skateboards Vs Longboards – The Key Differences Between The Two

Longboards are usually comprised of the same components as skateboards are, but their individual parts have different specifications. As the name might suggest, longboards are usually longer than skateboards, but this is not always the case. While this is not the norm, some longboards are actually shorter than a regular longboards for kids. Technically speaking, these shorter boards are referred to as poolboards, but they are usually lumped in with longboards because they are more similar to longboards than the modern-day skateboards. A rule of thumb is that any board without a defined nose and tail end or some other drastic modification is always going to be a longboard. Furthermore, the trucks and wheels of a longboard are almost always bigger than those of a skateboard. Street skateboards almost never have trucks that are wider than 130 millimeters, nor do they have wheels that are bigger than 55 millimeters. Longboards, on the other hand, tend to begin at 149 millimeters and 63 millimeters, respectively.

Besides differences in the actual board, the goals of each board vary drastically. This helps explain why most skateboards are very similar in design, while longboards have many different designs. Nowadays, skateboards are intended for performing tricks and jumps. Longboards, however, are designed for the thrill of the ride itself, whether it is simply a means of transportation or for cruising around town. You can race, slide, and carve on a longboard, but ultimately the point is to enjoy the ride and not worry about performing the coolest tricks on your board.

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